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The Faculty/Staff Card is for Staff, Faculty & Adminstrative

The Faculty/Staff Card triples your dining pleasure at Illinois Wesleyan University... It gives you the flexibility to dine in four eateries: the Bertholf Commons & Dugout Snack Bar... Sub Connection... and the Faculty Lounge for only university staff, faculty, and administrative staff. 

Faculty/Staff Card feature: Every time you use your Faculty/Staff Card , you save! The Faculty/Staff Card stretches your breakfast, lunch, and dinner dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a University Card?

A University Card turns your University I.D. into a dining card with a magnetic strip that holds information like a computer.

How can I get a University Card?

Go to the IWU security Office (110 E. Graham, 556-1111) to obtain a University Card with your picture on it

How do I link my University Card to the new flexible food service plan?

After you receive your new University Card, take it to the Sodexo general manager's office, Memorial Center (556-3167). You can put any amount of money on your new computerized University Card - $5, $10, $50, $75, or more. Cash accepted; checks accepted.

Where can I use my University Card?

University Cards are honored for all food purchases -- breakfast, lunch, or dinner -- Bertholf Commons, the Dugout, The Coffee Shoppe, Sub Connection, and Faculty Lounge.

How do I use my University Card?

Just give your University Card to the cashier each time you purchase food at Bertholf Commons, the Dugout, the Coffee Shoppe, Sub Connection, and Faculty Lounge. The amount of your purchase will be deducted automatically from your debit card. Remember to ask the cashier to give you the remaining balance on your card to help keep track of expenses. The bonus money is used before your own money is deducted.

What happens if I have a $2 balance on my University Card but make a purchase with a total of $5?

The $2 remaining on your card will be deducted, brining your University Card balance to zero. The other $3 may be paid in cash.

How do I add money to my University Card?

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