Plan Options

Meal Plan Options

Option 1: 18 meals per week Plan - 18 meals reset every week and you get $100.00 in munch money for the semester. Note: Only meals reset every week, and not the munch money.
Option 2: Block 130 Meal Plan - 130 meals and $450 in munch money for each semester.
Option 3: Block 90 Meal Plan - 90 meals and $625 in munch money for each semester.

Commuter Plan Option: Block 75 Meal Plan - 75 meals and $150 in munch money for each semester.

The Office of Residential Life sets up the meal plans on the University Card. Signups or any changes can be done by logging into your MyHousing portal. For any assistance regarding setup or changes to existing meal plans, kindly contact ORL at 309-556-3113

Adding meals and munch money

More meals and munch money could be purchased online at under the Shop now - dining plans option using a credit or debit card. It can also be purchased with Cash or Check by visiting the Food Service office located at Memorial center - room 109.
Please note: Additional Meals can only be purchased, if you have a Meal Plan. Whereas, additional Munch money can be purchased by anyone with the University Card.