A University Card turns your University I.D. into a dining card with a magnetic strip that holds information like a computer.

Go to the IWU security Office (110 E. Graham, 556-1111) to obtain a University Card with your picture on it.

The university card is automatically linked to your meal plan if you signed up for it. The Office of Residential life in the Memorial Center does that set up.

University Cards are honored for all food purchases -- breakfast, lunch, or dinner -- in Bertholf Commons, the Dugout, The Coffee Shoppe, and Tommy's.

Just give your University Card to the cashier each time you purchase food at Bertholf Commons, the Dugout, The Coffee Shoppe or Tommy's. The amount of your purchase will be deducted automatically from your University Card. Remember to ask the cashier to give you the remaining balance on your card to help keep track of expenses.

The $2 remaining on your card will be deducted, brining your University Card balance to zero. The other $3 may be paid in cash.

Adding Munch Money to your University card can be done online using a credit card. Go to iwu.sodexomyway.com and select Shop > Dining Plans from the menu. Please contact the Dining Services office at 309-556-3167 if you have any questions or need assistance.